Thursday, 19 February 2015

I'm grumpy

Dear Diary,

Upstairs are being fantastically annoying tonight.  Let's be honest they're usually the ideal, sweet, girl-next-door type, but tonight I can't take it.  It's my final year, so much to do for uni, and the girl in the room above me can't help but giggle at Mr X's every word.  It doesn't help that the walls (ceilings) are so thin, but it's making it so difficult to concentrate when all I can think about is how fake this girl is being.

We have experience, this neighbour and I.  She likes to rant on the phone and pace around her room.  This is fine, as generally I'm the nosey-neighbour type and will just sit back and listen to whatever has annoyed her that day (not in a creepy way, since there's nothing I can do to drown out the noise), and I know what her voice and laugh sounds like.

Tonight's different though, this guy is new - at least to my knowledge.  She's upped the tone of her voice and her usual cackle has diluted into a girly giggle. In all honesty I hope she's having a good time, but this is my venting so as not to start bashing my ceiling with the broom as I attempt to get this essay under way... and yes it's my fault for leaving it til 11:30pm.

Pray for me.


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