Friday, 20 February 2015


Dear Diary,

Today my grievance lies in a similar area as my last post.  I'm in a university computer room, minding my own business writing this essay (that is quickly becoming my most hated piece of coursework ever) when two girls come in.  They work for a total of 5 minutes before starting the loudest conversation in a foreign (sounds like European) language. 

I can blame my ignorance here, I would be more likely to accept their loud discussion had they been talking in English, as it would appeal to my nosey side, however this isn't even the reason this bothers me.

They've taken up 3 computers between them, and I am watching other students come and go with the longing look on their face of trying to get a computer (which are hard to find unoccupied on a Friday afternoon).  Watching these girls cruising facebook and discuss piercings and god knows what else is grinding my gears - it's really rude!

However, big picture here, 2 hours to complete and hand in this paper.


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